Tuesday, 21 December 2010

How to generate a positve cash flow and accumulate Gold & Silver for free

As I have mentioned many times before there are many ways and many different channels to use to generate a cash flow and accumulate Gold and Silver for Free.

Today I will go into a bit more detail...

So how will you know where to invest?
How to invest?
How to generate a cash flow?
    Ok, The first thing you should know is there are many suppliers and choosing the right supplier is easy, The most important factor is choosing a supplier with integrity and a proven history of customer satisfaction.
    We need to remember when buying collectibles it must come with a certificate to prove its true worth, Look for 999.9 Fineness - This determines it's purity.

    Now there are also many choices to consider like investing in what we call an IGS or an ISS which I will go into later.. (See foot note) The IGS stands for "Institutional Gold Security" and the ISS stands for "Institutional Silver Security" This is where you are able to buy Gold & Silver just like the way the Institutions do.

    So as you are now aware there are differences between buying physical gold or silver and buying like the Institutions. Not any one is better than the other they are just different methods. Most people like the idea that when they make there purchase from a mint, They will receive there investment shipped directly to them and so they have full ownership and possession making them the outright owner and not just the bearer.

    I recommend using Younique to buy collectibles as all Younique collectibles are manufactured to the exacting standard using modern technology and carry the assayers melters stamp which comes with a certificate.

    Visit the Younique Gold Shop - Link Below

    Now you may be comparing prices with one supplier to the next, I can tell you that you will find some variables in relation to products and weight, But because one is more expensive than the other does not mean it is over priced or you should not buy the higher priced one.

    The thing to remember with collectibles is... like buying a rolex, You pay for the Gold, The product and the finish. So anything that carries a certificate will provide proof of authenticity and purity.
    Remember to look for 999.9 Fineness.

    Did you know? Argor supply to Rolex the very same mint where Younique products are made.

    To find out more about investing like the Institutions with an IGS or an ISS contact me directly,

    Skype: paul123332
    Telephone: +44(0)871 2344784

    Monday, 20 December 2010

    Younique 1gram ingot - New Product Launch

    Younique New Product Launch

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    Monday, 13 December 2010

    The Elevation Group - What's it all about?

     What is The Elevation Group All About?

    With just a couple of hours prior to launch I thought I should share this with you all,
    Mike Dillard, Internet Marketing Guru and Follower of Robert Kiyosaki talks
    about what he has learned and how to take care of your financial future.

    When I was first introduced to Mike Dillard's Elevation Group it was very unclear
    as to what he was promoting and I was a little unsure, Now I am starting to see the bigger

    Nobody was able to explain to me "Exactly" what was being put on offer at The Elevation Group,
    I received emails to watch videos and write stuff down and each time I was waiting for the punch line.

    So to help you Guy's out a little bit here... 

    I'm going to put "The Elevation Group" project into simple terms.

    The Elevation Group is an information age website put together by professional network/internet marketer
    Mike Dillard, Mike talks about the collapse of the stock market, 401k's and how he has a solution which could help you sustain wealth during the most trying times in our economy.

    So what can the Elevation Group do for me?

    Simple... You have 2 choices... You can choose to do one or both.

    #1. Become a Member of The Elevation Group and receive information on how to invest your money in
    Gold & Silver and then use that investment to cash out and buy property. This is the kind of information you will receive from The Elevation Group.

    #2. Become a Publishing Partner for The Elevation Group and receive bonuses & commissions for promoting the membership website.

    Take a Preview of whats to come Click Here

    Thinking of where to find the best Gold & Silver?

    Click on the image below